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Massage for a Peaceful Pregnancy – Spring 2007


This easy-to-learn program of massage techniques guides expectant parents every step of the way during pregnancy—from the first month through full recovery.
Massage provides a positive, hands-on role for the expectant father, involving him in the birth of his child on a day-to-day basis. It also creates a lasting bond between the expectant parents.

Pregnancy Illustration

Powerful techniques for relaxation and stress control are featured on every page. Everything works as promised. You will be massaging ten minutes after you bring the book home.

Every page features lush photography of real massage during pregnancy, showing exactly how strokes work. Additionally, beautiful anatomical illustrations, which are precisely keyed to photos, let you peer inside the body and find systems you can touch during massage. Check lists, do’s and don’ts and health tips make the book a user-friendly and enjoyable guide to one of life’s great pleasures.

The book includes:

  • A basic massage for the whole body
  • Sections addressing the special ailments of pregnancy: morning sickness, circulatory problems, lactation stimulation and more
  • A complete ten minute head massage
  • A complete back massage for late pregnancy
  • A day-to-day recovery program after birth—to minimize stretch marks and ease the mother back to normal
  • Step-by-step photos with matching anatomical illustrations

Pregnancy Photo

ISBN 0-9748535-4-2 144 pp 8.5 X 11 $19.95

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THE ART of SENSUAL MASSAGE 40th Anniversary Edition

THE ART of SENSUAL MASSAGE 40th Anniversary Edition

NEW EDITION: With over 1,000,000 copies sold, The Art of Sensual Massage is the world’s best selling massage book. Now in a new, extensively revised edition, the book takes readers every step of the way through a delightful full body massage. Published in eight languages and with two decades as a Book-of-the-Month Club, Quality Paperback Book Club and One Spirit Book Club selection, The Art of Sensual Massage is one of the all-time great romantic gift books.

40th Anniversary Edition: September 2011 includes gorgeous, never published color taken during the original photo sessions in San Francisco, a lay-flat binding that keeps the book open during massage and a new author preface.

Acclaim for The Art of Sensual Massage

“Attractive as well as instructive…tells you what to massage, when and where. Much recommended. —FORUM

New York

“Close your eyes, breath deeply, and give yourself up to the Pleasure.” —NEW YORK

“The demystification of massage. Tasteful, artistic, invaluable. Highly recommended.” —AMAZON.COM

ISBN 0974853526 7 X 10 162 pages $19.95

SPECIAL! Limited number of Publisher Returns @ $8.98 Buy Now | More Info

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NEW EDITION: If Gordon Inkeles’ earlier books were appetizers, introductions to the pleasures of massage, this all-new work (A Quality Paperback Bookclub and One Sprit Book Club selection for ten years) is meant to be a banquet, a sensual feast.

The best selling massage title on both (and now on for five years running, this updated, second edition offers the ultimate massage experience. Written in a reassuring and intimate tone, lavishly illustrated (in color and black and white) and beautifully designed, this essential guide will have you massaging in a single evening.


Acclaim for The New Sensual Massage

Massage Magazine

“Inkeles’ books are beautifully designed and easy on the eyes. They set the mood which should accompany all massage.”

SF Chronicle

“The massage king is Gordon Inkeles” —SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

ISBN 0974853518 8X11 176 pages $22.95

SPECIAL! Limited number of Publisher Returns @ $9.98 Buy Now | More Info

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A Literary Guild selection for eight years, with more than 500, 000 copies sold, Sensual Massage for Couples offers the most comprehensive massage technique of any Inkeles book. Special sections on massage as an aphrodisiac—with romantic tips–, as effective drugless therapy–with solutions for every part of the body– and as an exercise aid, offer lavish solutions for every part of the body. Extremely generous techniques for every conceivable massage situation await you here.

Groundbreaking tips on combating fatigue while improving performance are featured throughout. Massage is the missing ingredient in modern exercise programs and readers of this book learn a full body massage that has no equal.

“The perfect solution to work related tension.” —THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

Double Day Book Club

“Destined to become a classic…your master key to the blissfully good life.” —THE DOUBLEDAY BOOKCLUB BULLETIN

The Literary Guild

“Lavishly illustrated with drawings and photographs…ground breaking in the art of massage.” —THE LITERARY GUILD MAGAZINE

ISBN 0966 9149 53 8 X 11 192 pages $18.95

SPECIAL! Limited number of Publisher Returns @ $8.98 Buy Now | More Info

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A popular Book-of-the-Month selection, this massage book for the speedy computer age, features focused techniques for every part of the body. For those who don’t wish to learn a complete body massage, this book shows how to direct waves of pleasure to virtually any part of the body.

Lavishly illustrated with the award-winning photography that has made Gordon Inkeles the world’s best selling massage author, Super Massage also features exquisite anatomical illustrations by Sigga Bjornsson. The book is a joy to browse and is written with the same blend of knowledge, humor and warmth that made The Art of Sensual Massage so popular.

Acclaim for Super Massage

“A real treat.” —CNN NEWSNIGHT

The Oakland Tribune

“New master of stress control…Inkeles also provides a well-illustrated how-to technique for a 10-minute erotic massage.” —THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE

Contra Costa Times

Fun, slightly sexy and a quick answer to body aches, muscle pains and stress.” —THE CONTRA COSTA TIMES

ISBN 0966 9149 45 8 X 11 160 pages $17.95

SPECIAL! Limited number of Publisher Returns @ $8.98 Buy Now | More Info

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Somewhere in this world is a reading light, chair, bed, perhaps even a keyboard and desk, built just for you. This book will show you how to find them. Sections on the Home and Office cover are packed with solutions that will eliminate stress and let you feel good all day.

Acclaim for Ergonomic Living

Men's Fitness

“Ergonomic Living is such an eye opener…a book like this can be a godsend.”

—Men’s Fitness Magazine

New Age Journal Online

“An outstanding resource for identifying and eliminating hidden sources of stress in your everyday environment.”
—New Age Journal Magazine

News Week

“Lots of cheap, quick fixes. Economical approaches to body-friendly work environments.”

—Newsweek Magazine

ISBN 0-02-093081-X 192 pages, with hundreds of photos and illustrations. $16.00

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Massage meets the digital age in this award winning 2010 wide-screen production shot in gorgeous high-definition color. With sensual massage techniques for every part of the body from head to toes, this is a video of pleasure.

From Gordon Inkeles, author of the million-seller “The Art of Sensual Massage,” a video with more than 100 easy-to-learn massage strokes for health, relaxation, sensuality and pleasure.

Learn from beautiful people doing real massage in a sunlit California home.

Step-by-step instructions take you all the way through a complete body massage from head to foot. Many health tips and techniques for relieving pain and stress are included.

No complex programs to learn, nothing more to buy. Watch a stroke; try it for yourself. No anatomy or special knowledge is required to start spreading pleasure inch by inch across your partner’s body. Strokes are displayed one at a time with rhythms and pressures clearly shown.

Gordon Inkeles has chosen the best-loved massage strokes for every part of the body. Minutes after the DVD begins you’ll be doing a sensual massage.

“Sensual Massage Made Simple DVD” makes the perfect romantic gift for weddings, special occasions, Valentines day and holidays.


ISBN 978-0-9748535-8-1 75 minutes, color, digital sound $19.95 NTSC
Shrink Wrapped in Amray DVD case

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The easiest way to learn sensual massage!

THE MASSAGE LOVERS DILEMMA–We all want to become more sensual and loving what better way than through giving a sensual massage? But the many books on the market have a common failing: they collect oil from the students hands. With use, pages quickly curl and discolor; text blurs and photos become difficult to see. Videos arent much better, requiring that you set up–and then handle–expensive equipment with your oily hands. And on holiday, or at the beach–just when you are in the mood for a massagethe nearest video player may be miles away.

Enter SENSUAL MASSAGE ON A STRING, a lavishly boxed deck of 60 laminated cards cards (with massage on both sides) that you can use anywhere! These cards are tough, beautiful, hands-on tools. First, a thick layer of clear plastic protects each one–so you can oil to your hearts content. Secondly, an ingenious suspension system makes learning massage irresistible and fun! The cards have tabbed cutouts in the shape of a tiny smiley face at the top center. The tab fits neatly over a supplied elastic cord. Two push pins (also supplied) work to suspend cards (up to six will hang side-by-side). And of course you can simply spread cards out while you learn to give pleasure with your hands. There are no book spines to bend open, no delicate papers to protect.

Photos and art on the cards feature museum-quality reproductions, with instructions written in a reassuring and intimate tone. The massage itself is a full body sensual feast including easy-to-learn strokes from head to toe. Ten minutes after opening the deck you will be doing a sensual massage!

Gordon Inkeles teaches you simple, scientifically proven massage techniques that turn pain into pleasure and reduce stress.

Sensual Massage on a String High Quality Card Deck $19.95