Sensual Massage on a String (Card Deck)

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The easiest way to learn sensual massage!



The easiest way to learn sensual massage!

THE MASSAGE LOVERS DILEMMA–We all want to become more sensual and loving what better way than through giving a sensual massage? But the many books on the market have a common failing: they collect oil from the students hands. With use, pages quickly curl and discolor; text blurs and photos become difficult to see. Videos arent much better, requiring that you set up–and then handle–expensive equipment with your oily hands. And on holiday, or at the beach–just when you are in the mood for a massage the nearest video player may be miles away.

Enter SENSUAL MASSAGE ON A STRING, a lavishly boxed deck of 60 laminated cards cards (with massage on both sides) that you can use anywhere! These cards are tough, beautiful, hands-on tools. First, a thick layer of clear plastic protects each one–so you can oil to your hearts content. Secondly, an ingenious suspension system makes learning massage irresistible and fun! The cards have tabbed cutouts in the shape of a tiny smiley face at the top center. The tab fits neatly over a supplied elastic cord. Two push pins (also supplied) work to suspend cards (up to six will hang side-by-side). And of course you can simply spread cards out while you learn to give pleasure with your hands. There are no book spines to bend open, no delicate papers to protect.

Photos and art on the cards feature museum-quality reproductions, with instructions written in a reassuring and intimate tone. The massage itself is a full body sensual feast including easy-to-learn strokes from head to toe. Ten minutes after opening the deck you will be doing a sensual massage!

Gordon Inkeles teaches you simple, scientifically proven massage techniques that turn pain into pleasure and reduce stress.