The Art of Sensual Massage (DVD)

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Learn to give pleasure with your hands.

Featured at The Cannes Film Festival and winner of 6 awards at international film and video festivals, this DVD brings the techniques displayed in The Art of Sensual Massage to life on your tv or computer. This is a video of pleasure, as warm and sensual as massage itself.

DVD head menus take you directly to any part of the body you wish to massage. Techniques are easy to learn and require no special abilities or training. Minutes after viewing this DVD you will be spreading pleasure inch-by-inch.

Please note: This is the DVD version of The Classic Art of Sensual Massage Video. Both the picture and sound are enhanced.

Acclaim for The Art of Sensual Massage DVD

“Do learn The Art of Sensual Massage. It’s the gentlest form, not of seduction but of introduction. It’s also an excellent way to learn to use and accept your body and other people’s.” -MORE JOY edited by Alex Comfort

Playboy Magazine

“The Art of Sensual Massage will bring pleasure to a great many people. It’s all you need for a successful massage.” -THE BALTIMORE SUN

Prepare to give your partner a sensual experience beyond description.—PLAYBOY