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The Art of Sensual Massage by Gordon Inkeles

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Wonderful! stars-5
By Marie G. on December 20, 2009
What a beautiful presentation. The descriptions are both musical to read and easy to follow. The images were the perfect demonstration of each movement and body position. I feel that the warm, loving intent behind sensual massage was eloquently articulated in this book and DVD. I also enjoyed the various quotations and excerpts included in the book. Being my first sensual massage book, I was, and continue to be pleasantly surprised at the world of pleasure that is literally at our fingertips.
Thank you.

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A Complete Body Massage with All the Trimmings stars-5
By a customer on February 8, 2004
Well organized, lovely to look at (classic nudity –I can see why it won awards) and comprehensive, this is a video to share with a loved one. It’s more a sensual experience, than a video presentation. You can almost FEEL the strokes. The introductory material takes you through preparing a massage area from scratch (easy!), setting up some massage oil, relaxing your partner and providing soothing background stimulation like music and scent.

The massage itself is presented in great detail with real expertise–and at a speed that makes it easy to learn. The people in the film are attractive and really do look like they are being massaged. You watch a real massage move over the Chest and Abdomen, Head, Arms, Hands, Front of the legs, Feet, Back of the Legs and Back. Individual strokes are shown and explained well. You really can follow along stroke by stroke, trying things as you watch. There’s also lots of information about the body and the senses. The main emphasis throughout is on pleasure. You are encouraged to try what you see on the screen. There’s also lots of information on the effects massage has on the body.

I would recommend this video without reservation to anyone who is interested in learning how to do a sensual massage.

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Heartfelt and intimate, the gift of touch stars-5
By Kitty Meowski “Patches Diamante” on June 8, 2013
I just spent a night with my friend reading through the ’70’s version of this book and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I appreciate the photographs too…real people experiencing unrestricted bliss and heart opening through giving and receiving massage. The photo with the cat is great! I imagined the woman in the photograph saying, “Let’s get one with the kitty” during the shoot.Though I wasn’t alive for that period of time, I think it is a read that can take people back from this cold, superficial world that we have transformed into. I was really sad about some of the negative review you received on the book and I don’t think these people truly are in a place to be giving that kind of massage that your book describes. Maybe one day when they receive touch from a place of non-judgement and pure love, they will understand.I am a massage therapist by profession and massage schools desperately need to teach this intimate approach to massage versus the sterile treatment that it had become. Now that I have discovered the book, I will do my best to spread the word and help people regain that physical openness and bliss.

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Best massage book on earth. Period. stars-5
By a customer on August 23, 1998
If you want to learn massage this is the book to own. You will thank Gordon Inkeles, the author, every time you do a massage. Great technique, exquisite photography, plus easy-to-learn instructions. A book to give, especially if you would like it’s techniques used on you.


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Fantastic! stars-5
By joann on November 27, 2014
Nothing beats the exquisite experience waiting for you here. I didn’t think of myself as a masseur but the book makes it inviting and easy for beginners. You’re encouraged to get a bit of feedback from your partner during a massage. Mine was very positive from the start and I have improved with each massage. If you want a “hands on guide” to massage you won’t do better than this lovely book.The photographs are truly beautiful and were done in the best of taste.

The best.. stars-5
By Jolip “Jp” on October 21, 2013
The best..Money can buy…very effective..Instant pleasure and muscle relief.buy, use, relax, Buy,buy, buy, buy, sold on it..relieves tension from stiff muscles.

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Amazing! stars-5
By a customer on December 10, 2012
The pictures are informative and respectful. Helpful tips and guidelines for the different techniques. I also like how they tie in basic anatomy for reasoning instead of saying “do this because it feels really good.” This book helps to understand how to feel what you’re doing to the other person’s body instead of just rubbing and hoping for the best.

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A Magnificent Piece of Work stars-5
By Taavi Taijala on October 2, 2012
I have just finished reading “The Art of Sensual Massage” for the third time. I’ve also been most successful using the methods described in the book. I would like to thank the author for his outstanding gift to the literary world.The book was written in plain English, making it easy for any reader to understand. The photographs are truly beautiful and were done in the very best of taste.Knowing how much work must have gone into this book I would merely like to thank the author for a job very well done. I work in a very large nursing home and am in close contact with nursing and therapy staff. They both agree that the methods in the book are medically founded and feel that our patients would benefit from the massage. Due to the advanced age of the patients I doubt their reactions will be sensual but I’m sure they will enjoy the massage anyway.It makes us all feel good when we can bring such good feelings into people’s lives.

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Best Massage Book Ever stars-5
By Mrs. E on May 25, 2011
I’ve owned this book twice. Once as a young adult in 1972, this book came with a bottle of massage oil as a Christmas present. After my dad insisted that I get rid of it, I threw it away. Later, as an adult, I ordered it from Amazon.com. and luckily received the same great version as before. The pictures are precise and the instructions are clear. Sure beats the high cost of paying for a massage from a professional. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to help their friends and family take away muscle pain and relax after a hard day.

ASM Bundle

A lot of fantasy stars-5
By Nancy T. Ramirez on June 2, 2015

Provides a lot of great pictures and simple explanations.The great thing about this book is you can start using it right away- flip to any page and try what you see (but maybe set the mood first!). My boyfriend is always begging me for massages and it’s nice to have a reference so I’m not stuck doing the same couple of techniques. Getting this book is the perfect surprise for someone you like!

Loved this!! stars-5
By Zakiyrah on May 30, 2015
Great Experience!Sensational buy: best book (a classic) plus TWO ONE HOUR DVDs! You’ll love the massage and so will your partner!Much recommended for romantic occasions!

By jaisy ryder on May 30, 2015
There is a reason this book is a classic: the massage is simply fabulous! The two DVDs make it easier than ever before to learn each stroke. Romantic and relaxing.Much recommended.

Hi-res SM-STRING front cover

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Will greatly enhance your lovemaking stars-5
By Alice in Wonderland on January 13, 2006
Have you added sensual massage to your lovemaking? Let me tell you, there is nothing better than light massaging and soft caresses to get a woman going. And these cards will instantly turn you into an expert masseur or masseuse.This set of 60 cards has cards for massaging the chest, head, arms, legs, feet and back, and each card has instructions and illustrating photos. The cards come in a box with 2 push-pins and 3 fee of elastic string. So, all you have to do is sort through the cards, and choose a massage course, then string them together and you are ready to go! Hey wait, why the string? The string allows you to keep the cards handy, and yet out of the way.Overall I think that this is a great product, which will greatly enhance your lovemaking. I really recommend these cards! (By the way, get a good massage oil – I recommend Kama Sutra’s Pleasure Garden.)

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Deeply Satisfying. Glad I bought it! stars-5
By Massagee on November 15, 2005
I use this amazing deck to do massage all the time, and have benefited from nearly every one of the routines personally as well. Massage as presented here is very enjoyable and not at all difficult to master. I have also given this as a gift. It’s very well made and gets noticed–and put to work, often on me, personally!

Good stuff!

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If you like the books……. stars-5
By MondoMan on January 7, 2013
….You will love the cards. Mr. Inkeles creates a very convenient way to help you massage your partner. Good sized and well made, these cards also come with a cord so they can be displayed easily. There is nudity here, but it’s done very tastefully and realistically. A must if you’re into the sensual massage arts.

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Elegant and Exciting! stars-5
By BobW on December 19, 2012
Massage with a touch of class and spice! I packed this deck for our honeymoon trip to Aruba. To say it was a smash hit would be an understatement. The massage technique is absolutely sensational and the attention to detail in the package makes for an elegant presentation. We had so much fun with this and came home as confident masseurs.There’s nothing like this sensual massage deck on the market. Loved both sides of every single card!


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A very nice book, and a great resource stars-5
By Alice in Wonderland on November 17, 2008
Have you ever included sensual massage in your love-making? If not, you really should. Nothing more promotes and stimulates your natural arousal as much as sensual massage. It is a joyful combination of relaxation and stimulation.In this wonderful book, author and filmmaker Gordon Inkeles takes you on a step-by-step walk through everything you need to know to give your lover a complete and sensual massage. Everything is covered here, from techniques through massaging each and every part of the body. And, each and every page includes an illustrative picture, showing you just what you need to do.Now, sensual massage is a decidedly sexual activity, so do not be surprised that the pictures in this book include naked people. The pictures are all tastefully done, and are of an R-rated, rather than X-rated, type.This is a very nice book, and a great resource. If you really want to treat your lover, lay him or her down, and use the techniques you learned in this book to provide an experience that neither of you will ever forget.

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Especially appropriate for men and women seeking to enhance their relationship or their marriage stars-5
By Midwest Book Review on March 16, 2009
For adult readers only, Gordon Inkeles’ “Sensual Massage Made Simple” is a deftly presented instructional manual for men and woman utilizing full body massage to enhance physical well-being and emotional bonding. Superbly illustrated, “Sensual Massage Made Simple” provides the reader with step-by-step presentations for a comprehensive full body massage program that includes massage techniques for every part of the body from the scalp to the feet. Of special value are the techniques for a drugless stress control, relaxation promotion, physical stimulation and erotic foreplay. Also of note are the health tips and special techniques relevant to relieving aches and pains through the application of massage. “Sensual Massage Made Simple” is a thoroughly ‘user friendly’, illustrated how-to manual that is especially appropriate for men and women seeking to enhance their relationship or their marriage.

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A book that delivers on it’s promise… stars-5
By David Hodge on February 4, 2012
I’ve been a long time fan of Gordon Inkeles work. From his original book “The Art of the Sensual Massage” to his most recent book, “Sensual Massage Made Simple”. In the same tradition Gordon has created a beautiful, elegant book that graciously guides you through each step of giving an sensual massage. It offers tips, techniques and uses attractive images and illustrations to visually convey this experience . The book takes you though each part of the body step by step. It’s the best book I know of to share with your partner. I can’t think of anything better than giving the gift of a sensual massage to your partner. If you’re looking for a Valentines Day gift I’d recommend “Sensual Massage Made Simple.”

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Superior Book on Sensual Massage stars-5
By jesse kasowitz on January 9, 2011
The Sensual Massage Made Simple book by Gordon Inkeles, is written with a user-friendly clarity including demonstrative photography in each section of the book. It pays careful attention to detail, e.g. surrounding atmosphere, rhythm and pressure. I am reading the book like a cookbook with simultaneous practice on my laptop computer. The photography display is ultra-high quality via the Kindle software for Macbooks and IPads. It is truly a superior how-to book, and I would recommend it without hesitation.


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but if I ever fall in love again, someone out there is going to benefit … stars-5
By Brenda G. Love “Brenda Love” on August 31, 2014
I have learned a lot from this book and DVDs…unfortunately I am no longer in a relationship at this time…but if I ever fall in love again, someone out there is going to benefit greatly!

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Practical and easy to learn stars-5
By Pepito Sbazzeguti on June 8, 2014
This set of book with the DVD’s is great! it’s for beginners.

Each massage stroke is shown and explained clearly for easy learning. I am not a professional masseur. Is a good starting point to become more familiar with massage. It has helped me to enhance the sense of touching another body and the effect of each type of stroke (circulating, friction, kneading, and there is a fourth one that I don’t remember.)

I have watched the dvd and read the book several times and now I have memorized all these strokes.

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Good stuff! I’m glad I bought this!! stars-5
By Larry Jones on March 17, 2014
This is excellent! I tried it on my girlfriend and she LOVED it!!! It arrived in excellent condition and I highly recommend it!

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Easy & useful stars-5
By Mary M. on December 5, 2014
The great thing about this book is you can start using it right away- flip to any page and try what you see (but maybe set the mood first!). My boyfriend is always begging me for massages and it’s nice to have a reference so I’m not stuck doing the same couple of techniques. Getting this book is the perfect surprise for someone you like!


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This is an ideal gift book for new parents! stars-5
By Dorothea J. Guthrie on April 10, 2007
I knew I was going to like this book as soon as I read the firstpage: “To the Expectant Father–This book is for you.” Gordon

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As an OB-GYN I have loved handing this book to fathers-in-waiting stars-5
By 2bpoet on November 17, 2014
As an OB-GYN I have loved handing this book to fathers-in-waiting, and asking them to help learn to reduce the tension in their wives, and to help them prepare for an easier time with labor and delivery. Men are glad to have a task which actually is something they can enjoy and do with love and care, to help prepare for the coming child. I also tell them that the same techniques can be used later to soothe crying babies, and that this skill will be something which will help their marriages stay healthy and enduring. There is not enough good that can be said about this book, and the implications for a stress-free pregnancy and delivery, and improved physical closeness and shared gratitude between a mom and dad!

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This is an ideal gift book for new parents! stars-5
By Dorothea J. Guthrie on April 10, 2007

Inkeles keeps his audience clearly in mind in every sentence,

offering guidance to a new father on massage techniques and purposes,

his partner’s anatomy, and even her feelings in direct, no-nonsenselanguage.

His explanations of anatomy and physiology are detailed

but always easy to understand. He’s careful to explain and demystify

medical information as soon as he introduces it. The consistently

high quality of the photographs and illustrations enhance the book’s

credibility. And apt quotations from everyone from Samuel Coleridge

to Eleanor Roosevelt give readers something to conjure with and to

chuckle over. What a pleasurable find this book is for expectant


Dorothea Guthrie

Editor, Consumer Health Books

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Strongly recommended for anyone who is expecting a child.
By Midwest Book Review on February 3, 2007
From the first month of pregnancy through full recovery from child birth, massage provides a positive, hands-on role for the father and involves him in the birth of his child on a day-to-day basis. “Massage For A Peaceful Pregnancy” by massage expert Gordon Inkeles provides a thoroughly ‘user friendly’, step-by-step, profusely illustrated instruction manual for a program of massage that is ideal for use at home and at birthing centers. Each page of this superbly produced manual features photographic illustrations and anatomical illustrations of real massage during pregnancy, showing just how massage strokes work on the human body. “Massage For A Peaceful Pregnancy” features a basic massage for the whole body; addresses special ailments of pregnancy such as morning sickness, circulatory problems, lactation stimulation, etc.; presents a complete ten minute head massage and a complete back message for late pregnancy; and even offers a day-to-day recovery program after birth to minimize stretch marks and ease the mother back to normal. Enhanced with check lists, the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of massage, and valuable health tips, “Massage For A Peaceful Pregnancy” is a strongly recommended for anyone who is expecting a child.

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Great Book stars-5
By Rob on January 5, 2013
I bought this book for my sister in law when she was expectin twins and she said it was a great book and the exercises in it were very helpful.


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Love This Book stars-5
By Noreen Obrien on April 12, 2010
This book was given to me yesterday and I have read the entire book and still can’t put it down! Everything in ERGONOMIC LIVING makes sense and causes one to ponder why they had not thought of these common sense revelations sooner. I especially enjoyed chapter 3, How to Prepare Food, where the authors actually show diagrams of Ergonomic Kitchens and walks the reader through The Kitchen Test. Chapter 4 was another favorite, How to Relax, where the author states “You don’t deserve to be tormented by your own hard-won possessions.” This book is a must for new homeowners; I’m buying a copy for my daughter right now.

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How to create a healthful environment at home or at work stars-5
By a customer on October 1, 1998
We got this book as a wedding gift and didn’t really notice it at first. Then the author’s unique world view took hold. Now we consult it everytime we make a purchase for my home or office. There’s nothing else like it anywhere.

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Practical, helpful, readable, creative, flexible info. stars-5
By a customer on September 15, 1998
A wonderful guide for re-organizing, remodeling or building ergonomically. An idea book offering many helpful, practical suggestions to convert a house or office into a space that serves its occupants’ needs in a healthful and affordable way. We recently purchased a new computer. Rather than just plugging it into the old environment, we recognized from reading Ergonomic Living that we could creatively devise a situation that really suited our family — our bodies, timeframes and specific uses. We changed the room around so window glare was no longer directly on the monitor; we re-arranged computer station components and desks so at least 2 people could work simultaneously; we are investing in a good, adjustable chair which can position each family body at an optimal height to the workspace; we traded lamps for better lighting; and we developed and posted a use schedule to accommodate personal needs. The results have been astonishing in physical comfort and family peace. (and the chair was the only expense) Also as a direct result of Ergonomic Living ideas, we have incorporated a cozy well-lit chess corner, a horizontal space for jigsaw puzzles and gaming, and a ping pong table area; these Fun Spots eliminate frustrating set-up and take-down hassles, so PLAY is now a part of the daily household flow. Other benefits from the book at our house have been: entry hall chaos minimized, reading area improvements, sleep comfort up-grades, and child-friendly cupboard re-organizations. We give the book for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, house-warmings, bridal and baby showers, etc. — Comfort is an appropriate message for all Occasions!

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A sleeper stars-5
By a customer on February 4, 1999
How can you NOT love a book with a chapter called “How to Sleep?” Believe it or not, there is zero hype here. The authors have done their ergonomic homework and the solutions they come up with will amaze you. Highly recommended!

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A fascinating and USEFUL book! stars-5
By a customer on January 25, 1999

I can see how Gordon Inkeles, the great massage author, became interested in this health-oriented subject. Co-author Iris Schencke is an ergonomics expert. Their collaboration produced a winner-a book that you will turn to again and again to make your life less stressful. Unlike so many self-help programs, the suggestions here really work.

Super Massage Book

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The Next Best Thing To Taking A Massage Course stars-5
By Todd Richard Lyons on June 9, 2001
I first read one of Gordon Inkeles’ books in 1993, when my interest in massage for relaxation and pain relief was just emerging. Super Massage represents many decades of thoughful practice and instruction combined into one essential guide. I like the practical nature of this book. The emphasis is to help you provide targeted stress and pain relief for specific areas, in only 3 to 5 minutes of work. Even if you’ve never massaged before, this book makes it simple to learn. Gordon’s instructional text is made better by an excellent layout. Large tasteful pictures make it simple to see where and how you should apply pressure, and major information is summarized in clear tables. The number and type of strokes to perform, do’s and don’ts, and health benefits and cautions are all simple to review if you need to refresh your knowledge. That in of itself would have been a comprehensive book, but this one also includes a review of other massage applications. Post-exercise massage, workplace massage, and a delightful erotic massage cap this thoroughly informative and enjoyable contribution from one of massage’s most innovative and influential practitioners.

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Pleasure stars-5
By Doug Ingold on July 23, 2001
I was surprised at how much practical information I got from Super Massage- and how much relief and pleasure I have been able to give the members of my family as a result. Inkeles has a clear philosophy. He believes in the power of massage to relieve stress, eliminate pain and induce pleasure. The techniques he presents provide a welcome alternative to pain killers, drugs and alcohol. The reader is taught the four basic strokes in massage: friction, kneading, percussion and stroking, and is the shown how they can be used provide relief from headaches, neck, shoulder and lower back pain, nervous tension, insomnia and more. Inkeles is also firm in his belief that massage should never be manipulative or cause pain and the techniques he presents should never be rushed. Still, as he explains, much can be done in a short time. Three or four unhurried minutes can remove a day’s lingering stress and change a mood from weary frustration to pleasant anticipation. Throughout Super Massage, the writing is clear and concise. All the techniques are beautifully illustrated-Inkeles is as accomplished a photographer as he is a writer. This is not a book for professionals but for the average person who wants to bring comfort to the people he or she cares about. I strongly recommend it.

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Tremendously effective, Fast stars-5
By robert westman on July 23, 2001
This lovely book did what marriage therapy failed to do: it reinvigorated our sex life. I know that may not be the purpose the author intended, but the techniques he describes are so powerful when you actually use them that things just happen. Great stuff!

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Thorough. Info you can’t find elsewhere. stars-5
By A Customer on September 7, 2002
This is a remarkable book. The techniques show you exactly what to do to bring relaxation to virtually every part of the body. The explanatory material and the wonderful art/photos make the body come alive on the page. You can really feel the love Inkeles has for massage and more importantly your partner will benefit from everything you learn here. Not one wasted page in the book. Head and shoulders above other massage books. Recommended without hesitation.

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OH LA LA! stars-5
By Greg Hutchinson on April 12, 2002
Unlike the other so-called “sexy” massage books, this one really does what it promises to do. The Erotic chapter is just icing on the cake. Very exciting book, especially if you share it with your siginficant other. Also, you will learn something useful.


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Exactly what I wanted! Well produced and high quality throughout. stars-5
By Holder on July 28, 2005
Very, very useful in learning how to do sensual massage. You don’t need a single thing more; it’s all here. The DVD takes you step-by-step through a complete body massage, leaving nothing out. Fingers to back, there are strokes and hints for every body part. All are clearly shown and explained in detail. The technique explanation has a warm, friendly quality which becomes part of the massage you learn.Prudes take heed–there’s plenty of unapologetic nudity here and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. The people shown in the DVD are actually being massaged so you learn exactly what to do and where. Pressures and rhythms are clearly show as well.Many hints on technique round off the DVD. When you try this massage on a partner you get terrific results the first time out. I can’t recommend this highly enough. I’ve shared massage with a number of people since I got this DVD and have gotten great feedback. It’s not difficult to learn at all.

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By Samantha R. on December 15, 2004
Massage is like cooking; if you want to take the time, you can do it better in your own home. This terrific DVD, coupled with the famous Inkeles books on the subject, make it exceptionally easy to bring this delightful experience into the home environment. The payoff, whether you are interested in health benefits or spicing up your love life is impressive.The DVD takes you every step of the way through a complete body massage from head to toes. It begins with an excellent array of tips on preparing for massage, which is really no difficult matter, but there are tricks you might not think of on your own.Massage strokes are shown in detail on every part of the body. I found the nudity, which is pervasive here, to be tasteful, even beautiful, but this is not a DVD for prudes. Nudity in this context seems honest and real. And the people in the video really do look like they are enjoying themselves tremendously!You won’t go wrong with this DVD because it really delivers what it promises. I’ve enjoyed it in romantic settings, where sensual massaage is a great pleasure to be enjoyed again and again.The back massage was my favorite part of the DVD because it is so effective in relaxing others.

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Sensual vs. Therapeutic Massage stars-5
By 88CET Dude on September 23, 2006
This DVD already had many reviews, but I’d just quickly add that it’s important to consider that “sensual massage” doesn’t necessarily imply anything sexual. It merely means massage for the purpose of engaging and soothing the senses. That as opposed to “therapeutic massage,” where the purpose is to relieve symptoms of medical difficulties. This DVD certainly does show some things that could be sexually exciting, but that’s not its primary emphasis.

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If you really want to learn massage, this DVD delivers! stars-5
By Preston in Delaware on December 20, 2005
This is a very thorough companion piece to the books on how to do massage by Gordon Inkeles. Even if you have several of the books, as I do, this DVD will still teach you a lot about rhythms and pressures to use on every part of the body. There is nudity in every scene and the people being massaged look very satisfied, but it is done with restraint and good taste. I found it to be an artistic work, with much information that I couldn’t get from any book. You will see every step of a complete body massage here and any questions you might have about technique will be clearly answered.The massage technique in this DVD closely resembled that in the book called “The Art of Sensual Massage.” I really appreciated being able to freeze a frame and try things myself. I think that anyone who is interested in massage will learn something here. This is a very good way to learn how to do a sensual massage.

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No more ho-hum backrubs stars-5
By Lakesider Guy on March 5, 2012
For a long time I have given backrubs and wished I knew how to do them better. The Art of Sensual Massage video was the answer for me. As Mr. Inkeles describes it, clearly the “art” is a loving touch that will give pleasure to your partner or friend. It will help them gently drift away from the tension and fast pace of today’s world. For me, actually seeing the massage being done was a great way to learn some basic strokes. I am sure that there are many fine videos that show more complete and advanced massage techniques. In my case, The Art of Sensual Massage is a very nice blend of philosophy and techniques that gave me confidence and results that made me “a hero” to my partner.