If you want to encourage
the man in your life to
be more sensual, romantic
and inventive...
put The Art of Sensual Massage
in his stocking.
— Ms London




     This is a site of pleasure. The techniques in the books and videos featured here—and in Sensual Massage on a String, our innovative card deck—convey a sense of what it actually feels like to experience a sensual massage. With these massage strokes, friends will find a new way to relax and share sensuality. Lovers will discover a true aphrodisiac that ignites desire like nothing else on earth.


The Art of Sensual Massage 40th Anniversary Edition
I wrote The Art of Sensual Massage to demystify massage and make the experience available to everyone. Reprinted more than sixty times in eight languages and with more than one million copies sold, it’s the world’s most popular massage book. A film based on that book, The Art of Sensual Massage DVD, brought motion, sound and a tangible sense of rhythm to massage. It won awards at six international film festivals and played to an SRO crowd at the Cannes Film Festival.


Sensual Massage for Couples NEW EDITION
The full body massage in Sensual Massage for Couples can last for several hours, spreading pleasure inch-by-inch from the scalp to the tips of the toes. The massage is lavish indeed and it became my longest book. I also explored some of the remarkable powers of massage in restoring athletic performance and erasing the effects of fatigue in athletes. Instead of dosing yourself with painkillers you may be able to banish muscle fatigue with the techniques shown here.


Super Massage For readers who don’t always have time for a complete body massage, Super Massage offers powerful, focused techniques aimed at transforming specific parts of the body. In this book you’ll find massage as drugless therapy for a host of everyday problems including insomnia, headaches, wrinkle control, and stress control. For lovers, I included an extended erotic massage section. Please note the beautiful anatomical illustrations by Sigga Bjornsson, which are precisely matched to the photos.


New Sensual Massage NEW EDITION
If my previous books were appetizers, introductions to the pleasures of massage, The New Sensual Massage, is meant to be a banquet, a sensual feast. Herein are the massage strokes that everyone loves, with gorgeous anatomical illustrations by Karla Kaizoji Austin. Over two hundred photos of sensual massage, some in full color, make it easy to simply take the book home and start massaging tonight.


 Sensual Massage on a String Sensual Massage on a String, offers a revolutionary hands-on technique for learning massage that you won’t find in any book. During a massage, while your hands are oily, you’re free to handle these laminated, beautifully photographed cards. You can hang –or pin them up–anywhere. The massage itself includes the most rewarding and sensual strokes I know. And the deck travels well; it’s designed to accompany you on a romantic weekend or holiday.

All massage involves motion and the precise rhythms and pressures are best shown in a film. Our original massage film won awards at SIX international film festivals and is now available in three formats: a DVD, a VHS Video Tape and as a DVD packaged with The Art of Sensual Massage—at a very attractive price. Like The Art of Sensual Massage book, which it mirrors almost stroke by stroke, the video takes you every step of the way through a complete body massage from head to toes

You’re invited to visit our Gallery, where award-winning sensual massage photos—some of which have never been published–are on display. The Art of Massage College Lecture series has been featured at Universities across the country. Our articles and F.A.Q.s, which address some of the most common massage issues, will be updated from time to time. Bargain hunters will find the lowest prices on the net for specials on publisher’s returns in our product catalog. These too will change to reflect our stock on hand. So check back frequently and let us hear from you.

Enjoy massage, dear reader. What most people want out of life, regardless of age, background, education, appearance or cultural bias is to have a good time. An hour of sensual massage is guaranteed to get almost anyone there.

Gordon Inkeles

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